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    I have started a youtube channel where I will be doing many chess and video game videos.

    If you would like your game to be one of the games that I analyse, put a link to your game/s below

    I will analyse as many games as you like, but please be rational

    View my channel at the link below, and please subscribe!



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    Thanks david, I'm assuming that black resigned? Will shoot you a link with the finished video.

  • #3

    I'll finish a game as white and a game as black. If they are decent games I'll throw them you way. Curious as well.

  • #4

    The one in this forum I made would be nice. Ignor the forum, just use the game diagram. http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-analysis/did-i-do-something-wrong-in-this-game

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    Thanks Guys, and if your curious, you should subscribe Phylar =P

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    I am curious about your evaluation regarding positions I come up with when I get all experimental. They should be fun games for you to look at as well.

    This is a game where I decided to try really hard to keep my Queen back for as long as possible. Both of these are wins, if you want I can send you a losing game when I get a decent one.

    Neither of these are annotated. That would ruin of fun of you figuring things out. Do a good job and I'll annotate future ones to make things easier for ya'. This was another experimental game. I think you'll be particularly interested regarding the last 8 or so moves.

    Enjoy :)

    NOTE: Do a good job and I'll subscribe without any issue. Give and take my friend.

  • #7

    It would be nice to see those videos. Congratulations for putting the effort into analyzing games. Good luck!

  • #8

    thanks kostov and Phylar, hopefully I can analyse them quickly and start publishing videos in the next 6 weeks or so

    Might sound like a long time but I don't want to mess this opportunity up!

  • #9

    Nice offer, have a question for you, how can you analyse them while your rating here is poor ?

  • #10

    I will subscribe when you post your first video, good luck!

    Here is a game, I can help with analysis if you want, just send me a message.

  • #11

    Maybe this one? It was 3|0 blitz. I lost on time and was playing black.

  • #12

    Thanks fancyknight and MSC

    To kco, ok, I am not the best, but I am looking to get as much as I can from this experience, and I am going to put every effort into this, so the Analysis are going to be good hopefully.

    But I guess I gotta wait and see what happens Smile

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    David, I got a pretty good analysis for yours written, I'll just have to look over it and revise some things before I record it, the rest I'm getting to work on now =D

  • #14

    thanks david

  • #15

    please help me with your ideas from this game. ty


  • #16

    i was black

  • #17
    Hope you can look this over. Thanks!
  • #18

    thanks very much chessarx and D_for_DJ

    would love it if more people posted games!!! I need as many as I can get

  • #19

    You're welcome.  I really look forward to it, since I don't know much about how to analyze a game. I thought more people would jump on this opportunity too. I bet they will after they see a few analyzed games.

  • #20

    yeah, I hope so. Maybe they see my rating and judge me on that. . . but I can analyse a game pretty well if given time

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