Was i playing against an engine?

IMBacon wrote:

Opening Principles:

1. Control the center squares – d4-e4-d5-e5

2. Develop your minor pieces toward the center – piece activity is the key

3. Castle

4. Connect your rooks



Pre Move Checklist:

1. Make sure all your pieces are safe. 

2. Look for forcing move: Checks, captures, threats. You want to look at ALL forcing moves (even the bad ones) this will force you look at, and see the entire board. 

3. If there are no forcing moves, you then want to remove any of your opponent’s pieces from your side of the board. 

4. If your opponent doesn’t have any of his pieces on your side of the board, then you want to improve the position of your least active piece. 

5. After each move by your opponent, ask yourself: "What is my opponent trying to do?"


Middlegame Planning:

1. Expand your position:

a. Gain more space.

b. Improve the position of your pieces.

2. Decide on what side of the board to play.

a. Queenside: a-c files.

b. Center: d-e files.

c. Kingside: f-h files.

Compare, space, material, and weakness(es)

Play where you have the advantage.

3. DO NOT HURRY.  Regroup your pieces, and be patient. 


Do you like have this copy and pasted to post in forums looking for help? They're 1700 you know.


From what I see, you just made a number of silly mistakes. Your opponent just capitalised on it, nothing special here.


I dont think playing against someone using engine is a bad idea. It is all about perspective. If you are serious about winning, play OTB. We play to practice. Playing against an engine is also a way to practice. In school, I always use solution manual to help me with HW because it helps me learn fast and even memorize the solution for specific problems. Everything should be about learning and improving. If the engine plays a move and destroy your plan, it means you should avoid this move or try to improve it. When you play in a tournament and you see someone playing the same move you did, hah, destroy him and bring home the prize grin.png

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