Wch Kasparov- Short



I have got my tactics to 1690 but I find a position like this so difficult, there seems to be so many possibilities and threats all over the place that had I not known how Kasparov played this, I would be totally lost yet I still find what he did as hard to comprehend.

Pls could an experienced player explain how they would approach this game as white and give some reasoning??

It doesn't have to be the same as Kasparov but any good approach would help.

I keep practising tactics but am finding it hard to get over the 1700 mark.

I would really appreciate for a stronger player than me to explain the dynamics of this position.

The answer to how this game went can be found by following this referance 'Kasparov-Short London PCA Wch (9) 1993' . White ended up with a virtually decisive advantange.

Thankyou very much


Just a quick glance at the position and white looks busted.

0-0-0 Nxg3 and white must surely be lost

Qb3 Nxc5 cant be much better.

Qc1 and white is undeveloping, not doing anything against the threats.

Im guessing the right move is Be5, if Nxc3 Qxf5 and the discovery is not leading to anything I hope, if f6 Bxf6 Nxf6 Qxf5. If Ng3 something like hxg3 Bxc2 Bxh8. Finally if 0-0 we castle long, and Ng3 can be answered with hxg3 with a mate threat on h8.

Such a position certainly requires much calculating powers and is not as much about evaluation of the position.


Thanks very much for the reply. You are also right that Be5 is the right move that Kasparov played


I reviewed the game, I was way off on my variations, but GM's and certainly Kasparov live in a different world than me.