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We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    This is an illustration of how spinfidelity could have won his game.


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    @weaponking - nicely done. I could have also moved the king to c3, then c2 to take out his pawns (moving the bishop threatened).

    "Next time Gadget, next time"

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    ok, so the next 2 games I am gonna give is from online chess, and believe me, this one is so hard to play. I had lots of time to analyze, but hard, because I have to think a lot. Not like bullet or 3 min blitz which I like to play for fun. My opponent is a strong Indo player, I think he's an expert, because he played so well :)



    So I played the 2nd game as black, and now I am determined to win !


    who would ever thought thinking 1 step further, which I didn't do in the last game, proved helpful !?





    I hope you enjoyed it ! C&F appreciated !
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    Fresh Modern Defense game.

  • #865

    @weaponking : nice game ! lots of hanging pawns, but you made it through the complications !


    the rematch :

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    I hope you all (the C.c Comunity) can help me analyse this game, all I know is my last move lost the game

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    Two more Hippos (blitz games).


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    Here's my highest rated win:

    And here is a game in which I lost pretty badly in the Scandinavian Qd6.
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    Here's on of my first attempts at the French, knowing no theory on it. I recommend reading the variations, I think some are pretty neat.


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    NacthWulf, it seems that 40...d4 also prevents checkmate.

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    Two fresh games, a Bird and a Hippo.


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    theweaponking wrote:

    NacthWulf, it seems that 40...d4 also prevents checkmate.

    I completely missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.

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    So, I play on this site and chesscube.com   My rating here, just for the record, in long matches, is 1116, but it is rising. I played this game on chesscube, when I realized this guy really wants to protect his queen, so I took this to my advantage.   *All moves WERE intentional, I know I could have gone about it differently, and with less sacking of pieces, but it was so much fun to trick him.

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    @checkmyproduct: Nice game. By the way, here's a more forcing way to win at move 15.



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    I played this one on Chess.com   Do what I did, if you can, and earn yourself a free queen :) I was very proud of this move sequence.

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    White could have lost less material and could have avoided creating some of the positional weaknesses. They had a better first reply. Anyway, in this variation Black comes out much better too.

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    I just had a nice attacking game today which was thematic with respect to the concept of poisoned pawns and it shows precisely why one should not be greedy and how it can be exploited.

    There were many forced lines (played and unplayed) - and I've posted the complete annotations here: http://blog.chess.com/the_cheradenine/poisoned-pawns

    We played the French game.

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    Well, here's my first post on the site! I've just been lurking on these forums for the past six months or so ;). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well, I got a pretty good training session for my endgame, which I could always use a bit of brushing up on, so here ya go!


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