Weird analytics for a needless sacrifice


Hello there!

I've just played a game and went to analyze it. Game here:

I was having a look at my bad moves, noticed I could have played 12 differently, so I investigated. Surprisingly, the analysis reported white response Na3 and Nc3 as alternatives. 

Can someone explain how is this possible ?


I don’t really understand the question?

I'm not sure why it posted them that way...but anyway, neither move is satisfactory.  13 Nc3 simply hangs the exchange, and 13 Na3 also fails (to 13... Rxa3 14 Bxa3 Nxc2+ when Black gets a won game by taking either piece).


Incidentally, I liked the combo you played (although you also had 18... Rxc3 since if 19 Qxe5 there's 19... Rxe3+).  In fact, I suspect the combo was even stronger than you thought, since 20... Rxc3+ is mate in 2. happy.png  20... Rxc3 also works on 20 Ke1 (although 20... ed looks pretty good there too).

Oh yeah, and there was also the cute finale 22... Rfe8+ 23 Kd6 Rc6#.  An unusual mate indeed!


You walked your opponent's king like a dog!