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What just happened o.o

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    I can say I was victorious after the opening but somehow we made many mistakes and ended up in a weird game.

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    fascinating struggle

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    dang! dude you got my head spinning playing over this game. Congrats!

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    #31....Qd3+.ke1,re8+(Q blocks,rxQ+),kf2,Qf3 mate

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    eddysallin wrote:

    #31....Qd3+.ke1,re8+(Q blocks,rxQ+),kf2,Qf3 mate

    Move no?

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    I end up in positions like this a bit.  Early on, a3 gives the bishop a place to hide from pawns.  H3 on the other side holds down a key square that black would use to attack from.   Either move would be better than throwing away the knight and would allow you to function and move around better.   I am not sure, its a bad situation with the knight on the pawn, there has to be a better move than throwing away a full piece though.  You needed h3, maybe back when you captured his knight...?


    15) c4? blocks your own bishop and hangs a pawn out there in the middle of the board, useful maybe, or maybe a liability.... not sure but I would not have done it.

    23) ke3?  Brave,  I would not advance the king in the face of 2 rooks, a queen, and more. I think this move is the source of your eventual downfall, with your king squared off against the queen for too many moves.

    The rest is just the expected result of having a king vs queen and nowhere ot hide.

    27) in hindsight, putting your queen there to capture the bishop took her completely out of the fight.  However without the capture, your struggle would have been doomed anyway.   Its possible, even likely, the game is lost from here??

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    Thanks for the comments but.. I am playing with the black pieces. :D

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    er.. lol sorry.

    there is a flip the board option when you put them up, its customary for the player asking to be on the bottom :)

    I think you played a very strong game, nothing stands out, you got an exchange and position up (as I noted before) and played it out to a solid finish.   Maybe 36) ... h6 instead of retreating the rook? 

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    36...h6 fails to open a flight square, the LSB is eyeing it. I am sure my play was far from being solid :) 


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