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What should I work on first?

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    After chess club ended at my school, I didn't play for about a month. When I finally did play my first game, I sucked. Badly. In fact, I dropped over 200 points in blitz in two days. While my rating isn't where it was, it's now back on the way up and I think I've recovered at least some of what I've lost. However, I'm still plauged by blunders, hanging pieces, and whatnot. I think that that stuff will self correct over time.

    So, here's my most recent game that includes many blunders and inaccuracies on both sides, but the endgame was pretty fun. What I want from those who read this post is advice on what aspect of chess should I work on first. (tactics, endgame, opening, development, etc.)

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    R+P ending should have been drawn.

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    Try to use tactics trainer-It is the best way to improve your rating

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    47... Rxc2 should win. Q+P v R is easy

    47...Rb1+ seems to draw, philidor position.

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    In general, I'm not sure if your question can be reasonably answered based on just one game but this game in particular can hardly be representative.

    How are we supposed to judge your play in the opening/early middlegame if your opponent blunders a piece at move 6? Also, the game would be better example if you had used long enought time control to avoid the time induced mistakes towards the end.

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    u could have easily won on move 47 if u took the knight instead of checking him

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    Tactics and in my opinion, it's not even close.

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    Not practice more in tactics. Buy books or watch online that discussed about positional chess. 

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    Tactics that does not have strtegy and plan is nothing. It is better to know first how to assess the type of positions. :)

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    Bishop sacs!! Hahahah. I see you like to do it a lot now. :D Anways good job on promoting.

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    i think 26...g6? is a typical mistake because you was too affraid of the mating threat. However, you can simply retreat your rook : 26...Rf8, 26...Re8, 26...Ra8 or maybe 26...Rc8 and white remains a piece up. Afterthat go for 27...g6 or others to avoid all back rank mate. So, secure your win.


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