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what would you have done?

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    KingsEye wrote:
    Vanessa_Martinez wrote:
    KingsEye wrote:
    Cogwheel wrote:

    Draw? How come? o.o

    Probably black ran out of time and because white only had a king the best result white could possibly obtain from the game is a draw which is what was claimed (automatically). :)

    what would you have done differently. 

    Well I'm not necessarily a big fan of the pawn and rook for two minor piece exchange, but it is playable. I wouldn't have exchanged queens in the process though, I'd have played Nxf7 Rxf7 Bxf7 Kxf7 0-0, when Nxe3 fxe3+ and the open F file can be useful for you and the doubled pawns help thwart black's knight from the d4 square. Also the d5 square is weak, I'd look to place my knight or possibly my queen there.

    The main problam with this position for white is that there aren't many open files for your rooks to be useful (yet) and you'll have to work quickly to keep black on the defensive. Once black can get his minor pieces developed and coordinated, you'll be in trouble. It is one of the reasons I like the queens to stay on the board, it lessens the minority piece dominance (to me). Your minor pieces and rooks could do well, once your able to find good files for the rooks to operate on. But maintaining the aggression and keeping pieces that can quickly move around to pressure black in my opinion is key, so keeping the queen is important to me in that position.

    ya i only sacraficed my queen because his queen is strong and a threat so i wanted to get it off the board.

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    no understand. não entendi e realmente so´carrega!


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