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Where did I BLUNDER? HELP! Giving someone the WIN FOR FREE!

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    Analysis? Could I of won?

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    RisingGrounds wrote:



    Analysis? Could I of won?

    I won't provide an accurate analysis, however I'd say you underestimated too much white passed d pawn.

    28 .. rxc8 is the final blunder. You didn't have to take that rook. This give to white a free queen! You had to mantain the control of d8, perhaps with something like Ne6.

    In the opening you did something inaccurate too. Defend c4 pawn in Queen Gambit is notorious bad for black, who should develop instead, since c4 in undefendible in the long run aside some particular variations.

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    When still a somewhat beginner try to play according to basic principles: develop your pieces (don't voluntarily move a piece twice until all pieces are developed) get castled and put the rooks on open file. Don't move many pawns.

    By move 17 your opponent is fully developed and castled, has a rook on your 7th rank -- and you have half of your army undeveloped and king in the center.

    You could be ready to punsh his slow development by move 10. 


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