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Who is winning?

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    Black seems clearly winning imo. Ke7? is a bad move in my opinion. White can just castle and break the center to make black suffer a little bit. Black should have castled to get his king safe, and just focus on exchanging pieces to kill any attempts of white to get counterplay, and simplifying to get his extra piece work for him.

    I think that after Ke7 white has some chances with a hidden king, active pieces and a strong center versus uncoordinated pieces and a king in the center. However with accurate defense the extra piece should be enough to win (however playing moves like Ke7 may show that you will have a hard time defending accurately).

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    bonjour.On the contrary, unless I am shown otherwise, I would give  16..... Ke7! and 16... 0-0?

    The whole reason I posted this position is because it is a unique spot. If you think my move was bad that's ok, but it appears that you just saw that I moved my king, chose another move, guessed it was better, and then made a lot of assumptions without analyzing the position at all.

    16.bxc3 O-O 

    17.e5 Nd5

    Just two moves later for white and castling clearly puts the king in much more vulnerable spot than he is after 16... Ke7. You might find the following article interesting and useful.  Doesn't necessarily make my move right, but at least shows that you can't judge a book by its cover :).....
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    Why not play 16.Nc6.

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    16..... bb7 is what the comp. 2000 analysis gives as best.. although it moves a knight back and forth after a white castle so I think in this position the 2000 analysis is a bit suspect.

    I opted against Bb7 because I was worried about the following type of thing and I never really found a great way to avoid it without this king move.   

     16.bxc3 Bb7 

    17.e5 Nd5

    18.Qh5 Nd7
    Ke7 was perhaps not the best move (I posted this forum to question that, in fact) but I am certain it was better than 0-0 and I mostly gave it the ! to contrast the ?? I believe a 0-0 would get.  After Ke7 after h4 or Qh5 by white, black can move the queen over there with Qg8 ( the whole point of the Ke7 move).  Bb7 may be better, but I think it leaves the king more vulnerable.
    I would assert that there probably is a forced win for one side or the other.  We may not be able to see it, and it may be 15-30 moves down the line, but I'm sure one of the super computers could find a forced mate/win.
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    I'd say u were pretty sure that White was clogged up when you did Ke7

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    End of last post should read:

    16.bxc3 Bb7

    17.e5 Nd5
    18.Qh5 Nc6
    19. Ne4
    This is not copy pasting very well :(
    I have to

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