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A simple plan: 16 move mating miniature

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    Hello all!

    Just wanted to share this short and sweet victory where I had fully visualized the outcome as of move 4 and followed the pathway I had forseen to a mating victory only 12 moves later!

    Just a showcase of the adage: Don't underestimate the power of simplicity:

    So really it should have been a 15 move game! these simple motifs are helpful to keep in mind, especially in blitz games like this ;)

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    You sir, are very arrogant.

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    Well, I'm sorry that I gave that impression - it's not meant that way at all. It's all in good humour. I'm just a chess enthusiast - and I was pleased with how this game went.

    If you can be more specific - I appreciate your feedback - then I can perhaps see what I said to give you that feeling and work on it ...

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    16. Bf3 delays the mate for several moves.

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    Hah, otherwise, you played pretty well, had a good plan. Except, as you already noted, you should have played 14. ...Qh2+ which leads to a quicker mate


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