Are you a complete chess patzer who has defeated titled players. Here is a thread to show off :D

This is me defeating NM Sam Copeland in 3I0 Blitz. Now I won on the clock but so what, a win is a win grin.png
Here I take out WFM Sherily Cua in 1I0 Bullet. No sneaky wins on the clock here, won with decisive material adv.
Now there are two wins that I have had over titled players on another site. Here is a link to first game. This was 3I0 Blitz. Here it is on the board.
The titled player was an FM, who went by the name of Rey Pitufo. Don't know if it was his real name but he has since closed his account. However ofcourse the records stay grin.png. This was a 3I0 game, and the titled player had to resign with # being unavoidable in this position. So yeah I got two titled players to resign. grin.png Me a chess patzer !! He was an FM by the way, and thats a proper FIDE title unlike NMs and all which are given by national chess boards.
Finally this is another 3I0, where I took out NM Ricky Rich. Can't say what his actual name is, but here is the link to the game on that site - He was an NM. Even though technically he lost on the clock but in the position where the game finished I am whole 2 rooks and a knight up. I think I could convert that .
So there it is. The point of this thread is to have a little fun, show off your wins and in general should be taken in the right spirit.
So highly strung up people who are miserable in their lives and can't stand other people sharing their wins should damn well stay away from this thread. We are patzers and we will show off our wins over titled players. Feel free to share your games.

I drew a game with Tal in 1988, playing Black in a Sicilian Najdorf.

It was just a simultaneous display game, of course.

Unfortunately, I don't have the score-sheet here in New Brunswick.


Dude drawing with Tal is insane. You should totally go find the scoresheet or try and reconstruct the game from what you remember and post here.


Yes, I am a complete chess patzer that has defeated titled players. Somehow.

yes it is pretty cool to beat someone who is a titled player even though I realise they got their titles by playing standard chess and not for playing moves as fast as possible

You make playing fast chess sound like a problem. If all a player is doing is moving the first move he could think of, then surely it should be even easier for a titled player to defeat this patzer.


I beat a NM, the best part is it wasn't even in blitz! 15|10, hell yeah.

(It's actually a really boring game, and the only 'win' I got was a pawn, maybe two. It still counts though.)




I drew GM Larry Christiansen (simul), GM Tiger Hillarp, and IM Attila Turzo once,

IM Vojislav Milanovic three times,

beat IM, now GM Alex Lenderman, GM John Fedorowicz, IM Axel Smith, FM Igor Nikolayev, and FM Jovic Stanoje once.


Ehem, rey pitufo translates as king smurf, I doubt that can be anyone's real name.


@Windmills - Brilliant game. Defeating a titled player in a slow game is a lot better than doing it in a fast game. Well done.


@Kaspariano - Are you sure you are a chess patzer grin.png. Well done on all those results.


@Pulpfeira - Lol. Well, the link to the game is there and you see the title written against his name. Of course I didn't know it was not his actual name. Do you happen to be very sure that Blue Smurf wasn't the no. 1 baby name in Spain at some point, not even for an hour? tongue.png

JayeshSinhaChess wrote:


  @Kaspariano - Are you sure you are a chess patzer . Well done on all those results.



Well, I have been playing, and studying chess on and off for many many years,  I do know I do not have a title.


I've already beaten a GM once, but it was a blitz in a pub and we were both drunk. And I was playing the infamous "Berlin fishing pole" (I haven't win because of this opening but because my opponent later blundered and allowed a mate in 3 in a totally winning position for him).

Okay I don't know how much this counts. Its only a WFM, who had a lower elo than me. I don't often (never before) come across titled players who lower elo than me.
However this player is a WFM so I suppose it counts. I totally dominated the opening and the middlegame, till towards the finish, when the opponent was really low on the clock and I just figured if I move fast I will win, and that is what I did. The opponent was able to get some of the material back, but I had way more than enough on the clock to win.

Some of the wins are not even worth showing off. They make a blunder or you win on the clock. It's not normally mastery. (I'm talking about lots of my own wins, not raining on the parades of others so much)


Win is a win. A patzer like me playing chess since 2016 for a hobby, defeating titled players, is worth showing off. Whether on the clock or not.


Won a GM 2620 in bullet.

(I’m not that of a patzer)


I seriously doubt a titled player would have such a low rating.

I also don't think chess needs verification in some cases to accept someone's claims



Here is the link to the africanqueeeeen profile. You could easily see WFM written against her name. I think that is verfication enough. Also if you need verification on other games, then for games search the username on google it will take you to their profile.


For lichess games, the direct link for the games are there and you could see the titles against the names of the opponent on that link.


 Well she's not. 

I see excuses being made she's having lag and bad internet.

Funny thing though her bullet rating is only thing somewhat decent