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Can I input a game into chess.com for computer analysis?

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    I just went to a tournament and I was wondering if I could get computer analysis for the games I played.  This way I could know where I made my mistakes.

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    I guess nobody knows???

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    To the best of my knowledge, the answer is emphatically no!

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    You could download Houdini, it´s free ...

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    So two months after I ask this question, I finally get some responses.  Okay.

    But thanks for the idea Buncombe, I may try it.

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    Hey Mandlebrot, OK I would have had something to say earlier if I knew about this thread but since I was trying to do the same thing as you I just happened to run across this thread and now I have the answer! 

    Go to the menu selection for MORE and then select GAME EDITOR. I just entered a game I did at a tourny and it worked fine for me. I hope this helps, but I am sure you already figured this out since you posted two years ago! lOL.

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    ftcandle, as someone who uses the site's Game Editor a lot, I think I know what it can & can't do. I'm certain it can't perform any computer analysis of a game which is what the OP wants to do!


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