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Chess 960

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    I started playing chess960 now, I have played it before but my 'normal' chess was really bad back then. And I played it live now for the first time. very cool.

    So post your 960 games here.

    Here's mine, time controls were 15 mins.

    Analysis cliffs:

    -Really cool starting position. Went for the idea of a 'regular' e4 opening, after e4 - nf3  moving the lsb and castles, white has pretty much normal development.

    EDIT, yes I will definitely give my thoughts about this game I've been looking over it,it's a straight forward, simple game with a lot of errors. going to the hobbit with the family tonight.

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    15 min. seems like a good time control for 960.  I know I spend way too much time before making my first move trying to understand the set up, letting my fantasies soar. Playing e4 in the above game seems correct since it opens lines for the B and the Q and allows for d4, opening more lines, though I'm wondering if fianchettoing the Bs might also be strong. It's a really good game overall. Thanks.

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    Vivinsky, when I started playing 960 (cc, not live) I would use the analyze feature to clear the back rank just to see what castling would look like, since sometimes it really looks strange!

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    the castling is a bit confusing.

    Im also experiencing the same as you Batgirl, where I play now, the timer doesn't run untill white makes the move, so it's not really nice to look at the position for some time. On the other hand you want to think some things through before you move. I'd be ok with doing that in my time.

    is catwoman related to you btw because I just played her there :P

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    Cats and bats don't get along!

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    here's another one, me playing black, 15 mins, fun!

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    so I totally missed that there's a 960 sub forum. Mods feel free to move this thread there.

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    White sort of self-destructed towards the end of "? (1500) vs. vivinski (1557)."

    I just finsihed a 960 with a similar type ending:

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    Thanks vleermuismeisje, I'd look at your game but my alcohol intake is way too high for that.

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    I was forced to go to Google translator for that!

    I kind of like being vleermuis-meisje, even if I can't pronounce it.

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    hahaha, I'd like to hear you say it, were you catwoman there though? Did I play you? it seems like too much of a coincidence. Or maybe my mind is going bobby fischer on me.

    if I did play you, then our game was really good, you managed to snap one of my pawns early,

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    I am definitely not catwoman. Catwomen steal pawns, Batgirls steal Kings. :-D

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    Had some some wild plans and amazing blunders in this game

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    here's a brutal game I played here, correspondence, we pretty much blitzed it out and my chess 960 rating is still low.

    Allmost took the queen

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    Nice winning combination! Black's early mistake would be 3...f6, when 3..d6 would be better for giving support to the center pawn.


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