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chess.com V/s Rybka

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    Hey friends, One day I just wanted to see which chess software is stronger. So, here is a game where I had competed chess.com (Play against Computer) V/s Rybka. How?????? Yeah U must b thinking this! Well, I just opened two windows on my PC at the same time. One of chess.com (White pieces) and another of Rybka (Black pieces). It was more like cheating both but was part of my discovery. LOL!!! Watch out how Our Chess.com computer defeats Rybka.

    Pls comment and let me know your views on both the softwares.

    Thank You! :)

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    How's it???

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    No way. That isn't Rybka.

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    RosarioVampire wrote:

    No way. That isn't Rybka.

    My thoughts exactly.

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    It luks like U R dissappointed by Rybka's game. But its true dear.

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    One thing I forgot to mention tht Rybka was @medium level and chess.com @Hard level. Will also post with both @ Hard Levels.

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    Lol, Rybka needs to be at full power to destroy it.

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    amitprabhale wrote:

    One thing I forgot to mention tht Rybka was @medium level and chess.com @Hard level. Will also post with both @ Hard Levels.

    Well you have forgot to mention the single most significant "detail" Smile. Rybka should win like 500-0 in a 500 game match against chess com's computer.

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    Try Rybka as white.

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    rich wrote:

    Try Rybka as white.

    no need. Just crank her up to full power. You could even give her a knight odds.

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    i did this with chessmaster and littlechess partner on hard and chessmaster beat it pretty easily.

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    The toughest game I ever have seen was between Deep Rybka 3 and Fritz 11! Rybka played black and the match was Draw.

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    lol, this is so fake, no version of rybka, even that very first one 1.0, will play like this. It's not rybka, but nice joke pal. :)

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    Catalyst_Kh wrote:

    abhiraj42, the toughest games are played between humans, there are thousands, for example start with this two, to not flood this topic with the whole list:



    Engines can't compare here even close, Deep Blue vs Kasparov probably is the only one exception.

    Thanks for the link bro. I cudn evn understnd Kasparov v/s Topalov game. Cud U pls let me knw whr can I get more such annotated games. 

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    no way that's rybka


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