Damn the French Gambit


Enjoy this fantastic gambit to play against the french.  One of the sharpest openings I've ever come across, and a absolute killer to the french if it isn't respected.






































What's your success rate with this gambit by the way?


Well when people don't look at multiple databases or consult computers engines for the correct lines it is absolutely devastating because the French players moves are so natural.


What I mean by that comment is it is great for 15 min and below.


I will probably start using that opening against the french in the future. Very impressive.


Maybe this? Check moves list for variations.

Great game, by the way.


You know, this reminded me immediately of the accelerated Panov-Botvinnik attack against the Caro-Kann.


The difference is which of black's pawns supports the d-pawn, and that definitely is a BIG difference - the e-pawn supporting the d-pawn opens up the king a lot more, and the quick-to-open center probably leads to the increased sharpness.

This gambit looks neat.

Gonnosuke wrote:

Dennis Monokroussos of The Chess Mind blog has written a couple of interesting articles on this opening.  He's played it quite a bit and his articles are a great primer for anyone who's interested in learning more about it.

I've experimented with many different anti-French openings and this is one of my favorites (though I've only had a chance to play it a couple of times).  I can attest to it's effectiveness.  Like someone said earlier, moves that seem perfectly sensible and very natural often lead black straight into the meat grinder.  In my games, by the time black realized he was in trouble it was far too late to change the course of the game. 

If I recall correctly, it's a Stefan Bücker creation.  For those that don't know, Bücker is the founder of Kaissiber magazine and well known to anyone with a passion for unorthodox chess openings.

Notice the DM

This is one of his games.  I study his videos/blogs/ect


how does this exactly work??


great sharpe atacking the trap that stack showed is an epic hoofing stuff


I just created a tournament for the French Defense: Orthoschnapp Gambit.