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Game #3 in G/60 Massachusetts Championships U2000

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    This was the best game I played from my tournament this weekend, The Massachusetts G/60 Championships. I was entered in the Class A section U2000 USCF. I thought this was an interesting game with some tactical shots at the end. Let me know what you think. I added some annotations and lines throughout the game to explain some of my moves.

    I played this tournament with a performance rating of 2077, boosting me to a rating of 1903 USCF. My goal this year is to reach the 2000 mark.

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    Nice game jeremy.

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    Good job, Jeremy.

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    Quite an intense match! I liked your tactical ability throughout the match. I thought it was interesting opening choice, with Be3 in the first 5 moves. You are very strong in tactics I must say. You did punish him quite nicely for not castling and developing all of his pieces. He played well as well but your pieces were more coordinated. Please post more games, I enjoyed that.

    Also, please challenge me anytime on chess.com Live Chess.

    -NM Christopher Pace

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    Wow J, ...your deployment of that remarkable light square Bishop were sharp dagger strikes thru the heart of Blacks position. Man, ...your tactical awareness & proficiency was beautifully demonstrated in this game. Super job J! Well done.

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    Just saw your comments @ItalianMachine @zenomorphy, I really appreciate the kind words, especially from players of your caliber. It's very encouraging to get positive feedback from a master, really makes me want to keep improving! Also, always great to hear from a good friend, zeno Wink 

    These are my favorite kind of games, where I get to explore several tactical lines and utilize my creativity. I will definitely post more of my favorite games soon! 

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    Cool Thank You J!


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