Have you ever played a '!!' move?


here is the solution to the position in post #132


Here is a !! move i played vs a very strong team. Their captain is now rated #2 in USA Correspondence Chess

Taylor vs TCCMB Team  White to move

TeraHammer wrote:
The_Ghostess_Lola wrote:

....which begs me to ask....Has there ever been a ! or !! while giving checkmate ?

I've never heard of one....maybe you have ? 

If a 1000 player were to see a checkmate by double-check while his/her queen is en-prise, i would annotate it as !! for him/her!

I think annotation is skill level dependent.

A mate in 1 should not deserve a !!  However some mates in 2 would deserve a !! [most mates in 2 hardly deserve one !


in the meantime--nobody has solved my puzzle per post #142...


my best move was h3 at the beginning of a game.


Here's one of my most brilliant moves. Later, I found I had other moves that also worked, but I still like my choice. I felt inspired by Chernev's 1000 Best Short Games of Chess




@ SmyslovFan, nicely played!


Not sure if this is brilliant or crazy, but it made sense to me at the time.



Here is the answer to post #142  The reason it is a !! move is that i had to prepare for it several moves in advance...


Here is one where I gave myself !! in the annotation for move 10.  I had been trying to be less defensive and more aggressive and I almost overlooked my move 10 because I was focused on how to defend the f2 square, where Black was threatening a N-fork of my Q and R.  Move 10, ignoring that fork, set in motion one of my fastest wins!



I was once in a game where SCHOLAR,S MATE was played, i lost.