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Miniatures are fun

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    Hello everyone.


    I'm terrible at chess, and I know sod all theory-wise compared to 90% of everyone on here. However, I enjoy playing and like showing off so here you go.

    Any thoughts and criticisms welcome.

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    Also, post your own miniatures! Always love a good miniature

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    Thanks for posting this game!

    Despite having a rating of about 2100 Elo I have never (or almost never) seen these ideas before:

    1) The idea of getting a knight to b5/c7 by playing a4 first.

    2) Sacrificing a knight on h6 (without a Black h6-pawn).

    3) Playing c3 to block the bishop from behind.


    An improvement: 4.Qe2 saves the e-pawn.

    I enjoy learning new stuff, so thanks for the nice ideas and good luck with your future games!

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    Sorry, steve, don't know how I missed that! Will trawl through that thread today.


    Playdane - thanks! As said I don't know how sound they are but it's good to play around with them in short fun games. The Bishop block I've seen sometimes and can be used to trap a bishop if they pawn grab (I think one of the Spassky/Fischer games had this) but just shutting it out often gets the job done.


    Good luck to you too!

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    5. Nxe4?? h3 and white will win the knight on e4. Wink

    So defending with 3. Bd3 wasn't a mistake at all.


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