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My best game so far, ~1300 vs 1740 USCF, please help

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    The end of this year marks my 6 month anniversary since I've start studying the royal game. I was 597 chess.com back then.

    This game is my best performance so far but I would like to know what I've did wrong.

    You can find below my analysis, please let me know what you think

    I had 1 min and 3 sec left  on the clock

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    Unfortuntely all y comments till move 50 were lost. Fritz crushed during the analysis and only the lines were left

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    anybody? thanks

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    I had no idea what to do there and I was running out of time

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    In this variation of the French defense, white must take advantage of the fact he can make use of a pin to win the dark square bishop (black's most active minor piece due to the cramped space and blocked light square bishop) with 4.Bg5 (pinning the knight to the queen making the e5 push more deadly). Be7 is the most common response to break the pin, and then you press e5 and trade off bishops. Once this is done you play f4 to solidify your center. The ideas then follow by using your space advantage , superior bishop, and possible rook lift to f3 (after castling) to break through to victory. You will have to restrain black's plans of c5 break and queen side counter attack which is the spirit of the French defense.

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    thanks jasnj30, I think I needto analyse my games with an opening book

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    thanks for sharing this lin. It seems that I get a lot of attacking oportunities because I develop all my pieces in the opening but I don't have yet the skill to finish the attacks. This will come with experience and study.

    thanks again


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