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My chess tournament - Part 2!!!

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    This past MLK weekend, even though I was filled with homework I still managed to attend this tournament. 

    This tournament was in Concord, I joined in my own section (U2200) just to play some good players and get good games, and have fun.

    I signed up for the 4-day option with a 40/2 SD/1 d/5 time control. These games I could actually think!
    I was still debating hours before the tournament, sort of overestimating my homework for the weekend, but in the end I managed to go.

    Surprisingly enough, I beat a 2090 rated person! Since he was from Utah, he must have been tired traveling all the way to California, as he performed well when he got enough rest. Here's the game:

    At the end of the game, he said "I made every bad move possible!"

    Me: "Would you like to analyze the game?"

    Him: "No, it was horrible." lol.

    So I left home that day feeling proud of myself, with 1/1.

    The next game was a draw, a tiring one, for sure, against a 2078 from CA. He played well, and ended up up a piece due to several blunders. However, I found what looked to be like a brilliant move, even though it wasn't, but under mutual time pressure at first glance it was shocking, and I ended up winning the piece back into a drawn endgame. 


    I'm still pretty happy with myself, even though I had a slight edge at the end. My opponent had a completely different mood when we were analyzing it, unlike the serious game mood. Plus, I had the annoying habit of adjusting my pieces excessively when I'm nervous, something I can't seem to stop! I have 1.5/2.

    The evening game was not so merry... this started my streak of bad performance. I played a 2055 from CA.

    How did I lose that game? I thought. Like I said before, I made several inaccuracies that caused my advantage to slip, and he continued to save it into a drawn position. Lesson learned: I should recognize drawn positions and NEVER, EVER try to force a win. Frown
    I have 1.5/3.

    I tried my best to forget about that embarassing loss and just try my best now. 

    Unfortunately, I got crushed the next day. I played a 2184 from CA.

    Why did I lose that game? A great learning experience, for sure. I think Qe7 instead of castling more sooner provided more oppurtunities for me. I allowed my opponent to get away with losing so much tempo. I have 1.5/4.

    However, with this loss I was determined to win my fifth game. I played an 1895 from Washington. He provided a poor defense in the beginning, but then offered a knight for attacking chances. I declined it and instead continued my attack on the kingside. However, several inaccuracies from him and I was able to break through.

    I missed that pretty mate in the end! Oh well, I thought he had so many pieces to block!

    I had my first win in a loong time, I have 2.5/5 now.

    The next game wasn't as merry. I played an 1835 from CA. I gave him too much control over d5, so he dominated that square and I was helpless. Eventually a blunder by me forcing a trade of queens + the exchange lost the game.

    I was thinking of changing my repertoire against 1.d4, it's hard to play as black, even though I had attacking chances.

    I was not prepared for the looooooooooong game after that, lasting 84 moves! I played a 1974 from CA. After he netted a second pawn with a material advantage I got too much counterplay and the position was equal, him being down the exchange and we were under mutual time pressure. Then I got two minors for a rook and was up a bishop. His pawns and position were extremely solid, so it was hard to find a win, even though my engine did point out one or two winning variations where my bishop was OUTSIDE the pawn chain, not INSIDE, like mine. Then it was a completely drawn K+P endgame, where I completely blundered! (Reminds me of my third round game), he got a winning position but the win was rather complex and he was surviving on the delay of 5 seconds. Eventually he had to repeat moves, because he couldn't find the win, eventually I claimed a threefold repetition. Our game was exhausting, starting at 4:30 and using up ALL the 6 hours until 10:30, and I had school tomorrow. Our game was also the last in the hall to finish, even after all the titled players in the Open Section! Here's the game:

    My rating dropped to 1992, so I didn't do too badly. However, there were some instances in the tournament where I could have saved some losses, my opponents were pretty strong in this tournament. Till next time!



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    I believe you should've accepted rook ending in game 3. At least I would.

    Good games, I hope next time you won't have a losing streak, because you surely could win more games!

    Anyways, I see you play e4 all the time. I understand that it's your opening and that you know it well but if I were your coach I would encourage you to experiment more with your opening and play some games outside of your comfort zone. I believe you would improve greatly!

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    nah,I'll stick with what I'm playing for now.


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