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My chess tournament- Part 8

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    Wonderful attack against Baroudi, by the way.

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    Game 1) Always look for the most aggressive available move. If you look at all checks, then all captures, then all checks in two, then all captures in two, you have no choice but to see Ba6! (it's a capture in 2 hehe) 

    The real issue with the opening was not following how to find .. rule #2. Ne5 and Bc4 and Nxc6 and Be5 ..those stream of moves don't develop new pieces on the queenside or help to connect the rooks. That's the opening goal so don't deviate!

    I think cxd4 is better than Bxd4. It's the morphy move because it gives you better center control. In reality, Bxd4 is the best move possible. But we're not aiming for the best move possible in every position. We're aiming for the Morphy move in each position!

    Great game overall. You put up a good fight against a very strong player.

    Game 2) Awesome game! This was a really great demonstration of Morphy's style. Bxc5 and castling were definitely better moves than Qd6. And I liked that you developed each piece with a threat, and closely followed how to find .. #2. And it's great that you developed each piece before sacing and attacking. Very nice.

    Game 3) Why Na6? If you're planning on castling kingside, then get all your pieces out on the kingside, then castle kingside! Keep it simple. Why Bxg3? Bishops are better than knights. Your bishop exerts tension on the knight, but the knight doesn't exert tension on your bishop. I think the simple NC7 after White's e4 makes sense. It'll put your knight on a better square. Don't be afraid of isolated pawns! Black's still doing better as a result.

    Rae8 is a bigger threat than Rad8. Instead of 17 c5, i like 17 f4. Make your rook on f8 useful by opening up the file! And it significantly damages White's kingside. 

    Why does h4 lose? Since when is being down a pawn.. a loss?! And even after Qxh4 and the trade of queens..I don't think black has much to worry about. It's still a pretty equal game..maybe a little better for White, but it's hardly a losing position. Fight and play tactically! Don't lose hope so early. 

    Kd7 is awful. Keep fighting! I think Black can draw this if played well. I think the real reason you lost this endgame was your own attitude towards the position, which is the most important thing! Once you start feeling like you're losing, like it's hopeless, you start playing worse. But if you keep a positive attitude and think creatively, you'll see that Black has good chances to draw the endgame. Rook endgames are complicated. Don't lose hope so fast! Attitude is everything.

    Game 4) Qd2 is better than Nge2, I agree with your move. Developing one side first and castling quickly fits with How to find .. #2. 

    I like your Qf2. Maintains the pin on the f6 pawn and keeps the bishop diagonal open. 

    c4! very nice. nice game overall

    Game 5) I agree that Nxc6 and Ne5 is a good idea. That's the cool thing about using your reserve b1 knight. You can trade it off and create great opportunity for your kingside knight. 

    Overall the game is a good fight on both sides. Lots of tactics on both sides. Keep up this style of play!

    Game 6) Good opening play, though I would urge you to take a less materialistic approach. Black is better in the opening right after move 3, d5. The extra pawn white has is meaningless. So Bb4 isn't necessary to try to get the pawn back! Just keep developing your pieces and your extra energy will convert back to even more material, if you maintain the initiative. 

    Good tactical play and nice control over the position to win the game, not allowing White any counterplay.

    Grea tournament overall, congrats! There was a lot more Morphy in your chess. If there's one thing i'll recommend, it's this:

    Completely develop all your pieces, castle, and connect your rooks, BEFORE attacking. It's difficult to develop that patience, but it'll make all the difference in your chess. We always get ideas to attack early, prevent opponent from castling, or winning a pawn, or whatever. But one of the key things about Morphy's chess was that he developed all of his pieces before he attacked. And as a result, when he attacked, his opponents were crushed. 

    Good luck for your future tournaments! Keep it up, looking forward to seeing the games. 

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    @NewArdweaden Thanks! :)

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    @vikggg I figured he was overrated by missing a simple back rank mate in his last game, and he played quite passively, have rarely seen him, I'm sure you've known him better. And thanks!

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    @pravx okay, I'll keep that in mind

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    @rohan_agarwal Thanks for the analysis! It helps a lot!

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    did your first round happen to be "Ricky" de Guzman? just curious :)

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    Nice games btw, I really enjoyed them and learned a lot from them. You like gambits don't you? I love your aggressive style! I'm too much a wimp to play gambits(even though my primary opening is the Queen's Gambit, I don't consider it as a gambit XD). I've been following your games since you posted part 1, keem em coming! :)

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    @kinkenwee Yeah, Ricardo de Guzman. And thanks!

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    @Abhishek2 ohh that's cool! Glad to know Ricky is still playing chess :)

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    @kinkenwee he's been 2400 for a long time, but still is very strong. He gets entry into lots of local tournaments for free and almost always wins money so he's doing quite well :)

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    He's actually a family friend, before he moved to the USA, he lived here in Philippines. He and my dad are friends but I never met him coz he left for America when I was just a few years old. I thought he stopped playing chess but it turns out I'm wrong. Glad to know he still plays. If only I was a few years older before he left, he could've taught me a lot :D

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    @kinkenwee Wow. That's pretty cool!


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