My first slow game


Somehow it is a tradition of my family to open up christmas presents on Christmas Eve. We decided this year to open up just one present each yesterday (Sunday, December 23). My present was an Excalibur Einstein Chess Wizard. At first it did not work, but the problem was quickly resolved. I just played my first slow game with it. The time controls were 45 minutes, sudden death. Tell me how you like it.


A good win !


most chess computers are easily distinguished by their endgame

ability (which may involve table bases). Unfortunately, your computer

proved to be weak.


Well look at my rating. This was the lowest of the computer's three skill levels. I am not posting this to brag. I am posting it to ask for input and what you thought.


Great game! Wishing I could play you in person!

What was the computer's rating?


I don't know. Judging by my win ratio, that level is probably a little over 1300.


when you promoted, you should just mate with K+Q, it would be quicker I guess