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Punished an Opening Error to a Mate

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    I just happen to study the King's Indian Defense a little bit before this game, but not this variation. I noticed immediately when my opponent didn't prevent me from playing e5! and I jumped on it, I missed punishing to the MAXIMUM extent with Bd3, but I was happy with my continuation. ---Feel free to comment in any way on the game, criticisms, tips or anything else, thanks!


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    3...c5 looks wierd after ...g6, if White takes the pawn how does Black take it back ? with the bishop after ...e6 ?

    5...exd5 ? is the 'decisive mistake', as after 6.e4 ! 6..Ne5 runs into the game, the knight has no good square and 6...d4 ? 7.exf6 cxd4 8.Qe2+ (oops)


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