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sacrificial attack (2113)

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    It looks like he just didn't even play properly..

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    bah, i didn't realise you were 2113 when i commented in your other post. Still, a beautiful display and a clinical attack.

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    Good fun game.  I love the Yugoslav and do well with it.  And black seemed to do things I have not seen and I doubt are sound.  Rifling through the moves, I felt you missed 18 Nd5 before Rxh5.  Seems overwhelming regardless of where black puts his queen.

    I should note that you played well.

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    well Escapist after Nd5 Qf8 and black comes out a lot better than just Rxh5. 18... Qf8 loses a knight but, gxh5 just loses to the attack in the game with Bxf7. I just find it interesting that the sacrifice works because of the knight forks, the knight is actually doing more on c3 than it would be doing on d5 anyway.

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    19. Nd5 wins on the spot, though.

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    19. Nd5 Re6 and black again puts up more resistance

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    oh yeah.

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    Very nice attack!

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    Not wanting to beat a dead horse, and I realize we all have our own styles but 18 Nd5 merits another peek.


    with mate next move, and 19...Qxh6 20Rxh6 permits 21 Rdh1 etc.


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