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Smothered Mate in the center of the board!!!!!(no, not really, but close!)

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    This game had an extremely strange smothered mate, which I call a semi-smothered mate.
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    nice game and thanks for the anti Caro-Kann i always loose to Caro-Kann
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    There is also an opening trap in the Budapest gamebit that features a smothered mate while the king is in his starting square.

  • #4
    you should call it the central mate
  • #5
    am i the only one who find this pretty lame Undecided
  • #6

    Check this out guys it was a real match between 2 grandmasters.


  • #7
    Legal vs. NN : e4 e5 nf3 d6 bc4 bg4 nc3 g6 nxe5 bxd1 bxf7+ ke7 nd5#
  • #8

    Your "smothered mate" is not even a semi smothered 0_o

    There is not even a semi smothered

    it is either smothered or not  

  • #9
    How does this even resemble smothered mate? It is not even a knight check.
  • #10
    Here's one of my middle of the board mates. 

  • #11
    incredible, all of them

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