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The craziest game I've ever won

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    Hello again.

    Just played this game. Blunders a-plenty, but it was tremendous fun, was very exciting, the momentum swung both ways and was just very wild. Notable for a few things:


    - Getting absolutely owned in the opening and playing some absolute howlers but somehow clinging on.

    - The same move getting played three times in a row (that must be really rare?)

    - A cheeky windmill

    - A bit of a king chase

    - Other stuff.

    As ever, comments appreciated etc

  • #2

    Nice if it was blitz!  anyway he missed Bxe6 three times!!! Surprised

  • #3

    wow wow wow wow WOW

  • #4

    A real Fischer-like ending there. Nice.

  • #5

    That was fun!


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