The Greatest Game Ever Played



Famous last words, "You better not checkmate me with that pawn!"



Nice game... black played WAY too passively IMO. a6, then b6, then d6... he could have broken up the center or something. He just sat around waiting for his king to go under attack. And I didn't like 26... Nxe3. I think he should have played 26... Nh6 to get 2 pieces for the rook. Unless I'm missing a great reply to that.

At any rate, the bishop on e6 is just deadly! And kudos on 25. Nxf5!!


i agree. black played too passively with the pawns


Thanks, tony, I found your mate in 5, pretty easy actually. I need to start looking deeper in sacrificial sequences then i do. Yet another situation where win was delayed or missed due to excessive caution to hang on to material.


lol saint you know we were both screwing around

I asked him what the hell we were doing in the middle of this xD


actually, i had reasons for every move i made, not screwing around. look deeper, you will see there was method to every bit of madness in my plan.