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Two clean wins

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    So the first one my opponent basically ignored all of my pieces and got checkmated quickly. In the second one my opponent fell for a mating attack. Here are the games:

    The next game my opponent didn't put up much of a fight.

    After my rating dropped because I mouseslipped yesterday, I managed to increase 20 points today! Yay!

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    I'm just glad my name isn't in those games :)

  • #3

    @Firestopr thanks!

    @sxdx :)

  • #4


    i guess there's something about gambits that make people lose their mind.

    the second game was nice, though.

  • #5

    first game is surprisingly odd for me

  • #6

    @nragunat thanks!

  • #7

    @Bond-0007 :)

  • #8

    an alright game by me

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    @jag2007 use your own forum for posting your games.

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    :!, :(, :) ;?, :/, :$,:&,:2

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