Two exactly the same games - 34 moves (Computer2-MEDIUM)


Hello everyone. I actually don't know if this "issue" belongs to "Game Showcase", "Live Chess" or "Help & Support". However...
Luckily I remembered the whole game, so it was not so difficult to win.
OK. Look at those two games:


Your opinion on that? I really wonder how is the computer programmed...


Thanks man, now I'll play positions exactly the same to gain extra and easy points!!

But in all seriousness, this is peculiar, but a computer is a computer. The computer invariably makes mistakes, and maybe even the same ones. 

It's striking to me however the difference between your Livechess ratings and your Online chess Cool


Yeah, I risked s little bit with "knight sac" above. :)

In general, I didn't play live chess a lot in the past due to bad computer mouse. All I played were unrated games. Now I'm trying to increase my poor live chess rating & it's really funny how am I in bad form. Today I played 3 simultaneous games 25|5 against lower rated players (not my fault Laughing) and hardly won 3-0. Heh.