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    Well thats funny. I was recently at a tournament and the first place winner gets a $50 amazon gift card as well. (didnt do too good though :P)

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    Buy a some chess books

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    If you want to buy books then we'll need some more information.

    Besides books, $50 is enough for Rybka/Houdini/Fritz (assuming you don't have a good engine, or you want to upgrade).

    Another option is a DVD. Search for Fritz Trainer on amazon and you'll see many. For $30 you can get 4+ hours of lecture material from the likes of Shirov and Kasparov.

    Good luck on your quest. As someone who's been there I can relate quite well.

    P.S. Now that I checked, the Kasparov DVD on the Queen's Gambit is only 12 bucks... Has to be the chess bargain of the year.

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    You could always pull the trick of having a TD set up an 8 or 12-game match with someone else rated 1900. If you think you can beat them most of the time, you'll crack 2000 easy. This same trick was used to break the record of 'youngest USA master ever' a few years back, which I agreed with Nakamura that it was a bit shady. Nevertheless, it's within the rules of the USCF.

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    Buy Grandmaster's secrets by GM Igor smirov.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    at the National Open in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, every one who had a plus score (3.5 out of 6 or over) got a $50 gift certificate for the Rochesster Chess Store.  I got myself the 9-DVD Nalimov tablebases for $55.

    The tablebases are free public domain. I downloaded the 6-piece set years ago. I suppose if you're not willing to download them or don't have a decent internet connection, it might be worth spending $55 on the discs.

    BTW, you gave too much information away in your post and I was able to find out your real name and tournament history on the USCF web site. Tongue out

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    Do you already have a decent database?  If not I believe you can get Chess King for around $50..  It comes with a 5 mil game database so that you can study GM games, search for positions of interest to see how they should play out, etc...

    It also comes with Houdini 2 which is a small upgrade over the free 1.5 (though that's not really a big deal), a moderate selection of static puzzles, and a mode which generates random winnable positions.  In addition the quest mode is useful for learning to win won games.  (playing against houdini full strength with material advantage).. 

    Really though, the value of the program really boils down to the database and the programs searching/position generation features.  The database functionality isn't as full featured as chessbase, but it's price value and included other features still make it a buy in my opinion.

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    You may want to buy a few books on relaxation/meditation.

    Having a clear mind becomes more and more helpful as you climb up the chess ranks. Smile

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    chessbase 11 with mega database so you have access to every master game to study.

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    Really, 50 dollars? I've gotten a 150 dollar prize without even placing 1st.

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    Was the goal achieved? 

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    Heh, always funny when some guy comes on saying he's rated 2000 FIDE for example and his chess.com ratings are all 1300... no I swear, for 8 months I thought the resign button was the congratulate my opponent on a good game button... also I always pressed it right before I won... I swear.

    I know internet ratings don't mean much, but I'd guess redchessman is at least 1900 Tongue Out

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    Just an observation, the people I've seen rated ~2300 on blitz are much stronger than 1900 OTB.  IMO it's just a matter of time.  A nearly 2300 performance rating I think indicates you're a bit better than 1900 lol

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