5 Min restriction

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    How does one get the 5 min restriction removed? Have not had disconections, aborting or resigned from any games for quite a while now..

    Surely it should have been removed by now?

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    whats the five min restriction? 

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    yeah this 5 minute restriction should be overlooked....i get restricted everytime the other person aborts a game or takes too long to make a move...they should change that and make it to where we dont get penalized when your opponent aborts or doesnt make a move.

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    In all honesty, there are many chess sites out there that offer as good service as this one but this 5min restriction crap will make me leave eventually. It is most annoying. I play of my ipad and you do get lag on a 3G network, maybe no excuse but would like to see this to be accommodated for. Unfortunately you do hang sometimes or have an occasional disconnect.

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    never happened to me.  i think its the people who hangs when dealt black, and just want to play white.  same reason such players hardly ever rematch; that would mean to open as black, God forbid!!!  if you get punished by 5min rest. because you drop black games, good for you!





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    my understandin is you have to abort or disconnect a lot of games to get that flag put on it. I am not sure of the exact formula but its certainly greater than 10 :)

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    either way you die , in this black magic night

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