A 3000 could easily beat a 2000, but could a 4000 easily beat a 3000?

EndgameStudier wrote:

I'm not gonna be a snitch lol. In fact, it doesn't even work because even the top prizes of state tournaments don't cover the travel expenses, entry fees, hotel nights, food, gas, and tolls that you gotta pay just to go to one.

in my experience, first place without sharing is sufficient to cover the costs, but hardly flattering net profit. this is especially true if you carpool and share hotel rooms with your chess friends.


but still, point taken.


Top prizes are usually like 3000 dollars in state tournaments (in top sections). Last time I went to Albany, it was like almost a thousand dollars, and the top prize in my section was 800. I got a 3-way tie for second place so I only won like 200.