A Newbie drew Stockfish at highest level (2 draws so far)


Also, if you are interested, I could arrange a journalist visiting you and making that documentary for you. Such incredible feats must be documented. Just give me some info and I'll take care of it


I don't mind people disagreeing with me. I don't mind if they believe me or not.

If you don't believe it, say you don't believe it and that's ok, because that's what already was said and I was ok with it. I actually don't care if you believe me, I know what I did and that's enough for me. I just thought it would be ok to share it with the world.

And if you can't prove this is a lie, don't say immediately it is a lie, at least prove it first. In fact, you don't have to say it is a lie, because your prove would speak for you. If you are able to prove it in a respectful way, it would be ok for me (Although it's impossible to prove that a truth is a lie).

What I mind and is against the chess.com rules is the following:

1) Constantly insulting me and insulting other chess.com members (including titled FM players). (This will be the reason chess.com staff will mute them).

2) Harassing me and sabotaging this forum. (This will ban their accounts).

3) Publishing my games without my consent. (This will ban their accounts).

4) After being blocked opening another forum to keep harassing and insulting me. (This also will ban their accounts).

I already sent chess.com staff all screenshots from every single page in this forum and the other new forum they opened, just in case they delete their comments they get muted and banned anyways.

If you read all previous posts (back to number 200 more or less) you will see that I'm very humble and nice all the time. And not only it's me who got draws vs machine, also another user. I'm sure GMs get draws or win vs stockfish on a weekly basis and they don't say it just to avoid all this violent envious people.

If you are sending a journalist, please send bodyguards first, make sure they bring tanks with aircraft coverage. It looks like a heresy.

I'm not reading any more posts until chess.com staff get their job done: so from now on, if I don't answer your comments you know why.


Writing with red is so impressive


Ive beaten stockfish actually(but in 10 second bullet)


wait ill search link



vist my forum






ive beat it 8 times


if you want to lose your chess morale keep praticing with stockfish. it will waste you and shred you to pieces

p8q wrote:

I analyzed the game with chess.com analysis!!!

I made a week free premium account in order to be able to analyze it at full depth (26).

Claims about games not played on the Chess.com platform cannot be verified, and as this topic seems to be generating a lot of insults and threats from multiple posters, I am now locking this thread.

David, moderator

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