A Question of Honor

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    That is Benny Hill. ;)

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    See, I know a lot about you guys!

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    Then you'll know that it's really late, gotta go get some shut eye. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. ;)

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    Oh yeah, you're hours and hours ahead of us colonial types...serves ya right! (heehee!)

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    I'm about 6 hours into your future. How much will you give me for the winning lottery numbers?  lol.  Innocent

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    It depends on which lottery you are referring to. Wink

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    The one with the biggest payout.  Wink

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    I guess I would offer to split it with you after the taxes are taken out of it.  (I don't know if it's the same in England, but in the US, the government takes about 40% of the earnings for "tax reasons")

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    Lottery winnings are tax free in England.  Not much else is though.  Laughing

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    I guess the US is the only country ripping off its citizens like that, then.  They should be ashamed of themselves!  Alas, they are too greedy to be ashamed.  Heck, when they talk about going green, they mean going this green! Money Mouth

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    Our petrol is taxed really high though. Today I paid £1.33 per litre. It costs me £75 to fill my tank, that's about $112.  Undecided

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    In northern Maine, it's about $3.70 per gallon (approx. 2.78 euros per liter, I think)  In Canada, right next to the US border, it's almost double that.

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    Your gallons are not the same as ours, I think your litres are though, apart from the spelling.  

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    I did the conversions, although they are probably off.  $3.70 is approx. 2.848 euros and 1 gallon is approx. 3.785 liters.

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    chasm1995 wrote:

    In northern Maine, it's about $3.70 per gallon (approx. 2.78 euros per liter, I think)  In Canada, right next to the US border, it's almost double that.

    Hmmm... no.

    Your oil is much, much, much cheaper than the European one (roughly 1.5€/L). I think you forgot to convert gallons into liters there Laughing

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    1 imperial-gallon = 4.55 litres approx.

    Price I pay (rural Scotland) = £1.51 per litre (aargh!)

    Cost per gallon = 1.51 x 4.55 = £6.87 ($10.55)

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    I stand corrected.  I'm not suprised, though, because I didn't think it through.  My calculus would be upset that I didn't get it right.  Oh, well.  It's the weekend and I just need to relax for a bit. Innocent

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    Hm, this thread seems to have become a Question of Honors Math(s)...

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    Ok, sorry, I'm partly to blame for that. Let's get back on track.

    To quit, or not to quit. That is the question. ????   Yell

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    I think if a player chooses to resign or doesn't choose to resign it should be up to that player.  When I go into a game I believe my opponent has the right to play until checkmate even if their position is hopelessly lost.  What annoys me is when they play at one pace until they realize they are in a seemingly hopeless situation and then they slow down to one move every 3 days.  I don't believe in dragging out a game if it is lost.  If you are going to continue the game, continue it at a reasonable pace.  If you want to try something to see how it works out, then go ahead and try it, but if you are just dragging it out unnecessarily hoping I will get tired of waiting for you to move and either resign myself or forget about the game and let it time out I feel that is bad sportsmanship.

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