Aborting Games Policy Question

universityofpawns wrote:

I disable chat automatically because I'm 64 and can't chat and play chess at the same time. Is this a chess site or a chat site????

It's anything you want it to be. At 64 you can'tΒ  do both, that's sad. I'm 72 I play mainly 30 min games while watching television and frequently chat or at least say hello or gg etc.

You should try it it might make you a better person.πŸ˜‚



Maybe they do not speak your language. I can only read English.


I can assure everyone. I have not verbally abused anybody on this site.Β 

I only abort games against new accounts and other suspicious players. There are consequences: sometimes the Godbot makes an abort a loss. The. I play the nefarious evil ones for a few days to restore the good standing of my account in the Dalek’s estimation.

Why would anyone care if someone else didn't want to chat during a game?

I disable chat in Live Chess. It's enough for me to play in 10 minutes as it is, let alone someone trying to have a conversation, or trash talking. You don't really see the pros chat while they're playing OTB - though I guess chess hustlers do, so there's that.

I don't disable it for Daily Chess, with mixed results... but either way, I do block malicious trash talkers instantly - not my kind of people.... funny ones are ok though.


I'm new here... Β wouldn't chatting while playing be distracting? Β  I've played many games in real life, we're both trying to concentrate on the game, why talk? Β Β 


I,ve played thousands games here, mostly 3 minutes games, and only was insulted a few times, don't be pussies, act like macho allowing your opponent to chat


6th game here , not a bad site , wish my last opponent realized chess is only a game and didn't choose to disconnect one move from being mated , is this a regular thing here or do opponents generally do the right thing and resign?



Way more often than not, people resign rather than disconnect. Chess.com has a thing called "Fair Play Record" and a player who repeatedly disconnects out of bad sportsmanship has their account limited for a time. But I've found most people here to be good sports. Β 


the odds are looking good mkilborn , ive played 10 games now and only encountered this once ,plus it did give me time to make a cuppa