Accused of cheating?


what was the continuation after rxh6?  i dont see it


^ Rxh6 gxh6 Qh4 looks like it wins.

Two reasons I figure people do it:

 - They are angry at having lost.

 - They are too arrogant to think they made any mistakes.

I take it as a compliment :-) and sometimes maybe tease them a bit more, it's quite amusing. You will be nearing soon the threshold at which engine users to start to creep in, so if you improve your rating, expect it a bit more maybe! Good game.


Being accused of cheating is something that you have to take with a grain of salt.  A few months ago, my opponent accused me of cheating, resigned the game in protest (subsequent analysis showed that she had a winning position), and blocked me.  

A few weeks ago, her account was closed for cheating.  


You shouldn't get upset, losing isn't as popular as winning. Lovely little combination!

How about Rxh7 instead of Bxh7+ ?


All I can suggest is that you block such people so you don't have to put up with anymore of their BS. With +5,000,000 members, some of them are bound to be you-know-whats.


Clearance sacrifice. If I can see it without a computer, that's a pretty good indication you weren't cheating ;-)


I have only been accused once. I had beaten someone rated 100+ points higher than I was at the time. When I 'mated he said "How's that chess calculator working for you?" It is rather insulting, maybe more so in chess, because it is a very cerebral game. We are pouring the energies of our mind into this game. It is more than mano a mano it is mente a mente (mind to mind). For someone to accuse another of cheating is a serious accusation.

That being said, I think more often than not it is exactly what -waller- said. Especially if they are rated higher than you. I think some people simple expect that if someone is rated 50+ points below them they have a right to win. Right now I am 1009, I lost to a guy who was 880 and the very next game I won against a guy who was 1085. Go figure. Good players have bad games and poor players have good games.


Next time just answer "looser whine? Music to my ears!!". ;-)

Seriously talking, you had 2 rocks on h comumn, ad a bishop pointing on h7. Personally i was looking for a possible mate after 15-20 seconds i saw the position, and before reading what you did ( and im not even a strong player!).

Dont care about a crybabie. You did it well and the mate wasn't even too hard to spot. You had plenty of pieces pressing the castle, so a piece sacrifice to open the lines was a option worth to analize.


You should start to worry only if start to accuse you to cheat.

If its just a  player, then consired him just a loser that cannot hold a loss, And probably he deserve also that you start to have fun of his whines. :-D


the reason to play on is to play a human.. i can play the machines anytime.. my brain  vs your brain.. i have learnd more from lost games than i do from winning.. i play for money in bars, coffee shops ect.. and use as training..i get the latest continuations that way..


a guy accused me of cheating once, i found it upsetting initially, but i explained to him that i had played in over-the-board tournaments for a few years and he was quite polite afterwards. don't worry about people getting angry when they are outplayed, they say a lot worse things at times! we can't control what others say too much.

samlong1989 wrote:

 To find a win and then be accused of cheating, its not really something I could then take as a compliment.

I just take pleasure in the fact that my play was apparently so astounding to my opponent that they couldn't believe I was human Cool

Big giveaways for engine users are:

 - "Metronome" chess - a guy that moves in almost exactly the same amount of time, almost without fail. Key to beating these guys is, obviously, to make the game last!

 - Taking lots of time in the opening (by that I mean pondering for 30 seconds after 1.e4 e5)

 - If your opponent outplays you ridiculously, but then takes a lot of time to decide on "simple" wins eg. a one-hit fork or an easy mate in 2.


Ignor the player-You may try to avoid a game with him in the futureFrown


Very nice puzzle, should be submitted for the tt.

-kenpo- wrote:

I think as people play more and do more tactics they eventually get a much better sense of what's human and what's silicon.  people who just recently starting learning and playing are likely to not have this sense fully developed yet, resulting in this sort of thing.

tournament players like don juan here can probably sense engine play pretty accurately. I have a hunch that when you obtain a certain strength and experience level, it becomes rather like a sixth sense.

that's true. in fact i reported a highly suspicious player in the last day or two and that player has been banned.

bobyyyy wrote:

 It's pointless and that's why I bet cheaters are extremely rare.

That's most definitely correct overall, but you mustn't forget that for simple statistical reasons they are a much more common phenomenon at higher rating ranges. There are much fewer players in the higher rating ranges, while cheaters on the other hand have a tendency to rise up the rating scale. Thus their percentage is quite a bit higher up there.


well, you really set the position up beautifully to finish off with tactics and it was just sour grapes to accuse you of cheating as you have plenty of potential.

...g5 is really hoisting the white flag, white can win at will... oh wait! actually no!