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Am I ready for the OTB tournament?

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    Hi again, I am only 13years old with a online rating of around 1600. Is this 'OK' rating for me with this age and Am I gonna play pretty well in U-14 section?

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    You will be fine. Online 1600 is about right for uscf 1400. Good luck!

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    Avoid roller coaster sugar highs (puts you to sleep, or makes you 'wired' -- not good for clear thinking OTB).   If you find your thinking's getting fuzzy, get up and do a brief walk to wake up your blood circulation and brain cells.

    But yes, online 1600 ought to do fine for U-14 (a better choice I think than the unrated section which may easily have a sandbagger or two).


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    @Irmall01 Thank you for your advice. However, I'm not going any tournaments yet. Just asking lol :)

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    @sftac Thanks for your advice! I think it will be great too!!


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