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Americans suck at chess...why?

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    Maybe in a perfect world pal....after I beat this guy he began berating me and Americans as a whole. Then he proceeded to leave nasty comments on my profile, and resorted to posting another BS comment on this page. Sometimes chess players baffle me when it comes to poor sportsmanship, honor, and integrity...this guy " slouch" has non of the above obviously a sad insolent child who breaks the computer monitor and begin sobbing in anger/humiliation when they lose.

    Furthermore, I offered a rematch after all the vitral that he spewed...he declines and that makes him spineless. So @firebrandX before you express you're ridiculous opinions perhaps you should get the story first.

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    We're a Nation of immigrants.  And you are anything but a modest mouse.

    Did you sit on that phone before taking your photo?

    Fix that avatar, please.

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    NimzoRoy wrote:
    modestmouse_ wrote:

    It seems to me there have only been a handful of American chess champions, and although they may have been born in the US they were Jewish, Asian, Indian or Slavic. Id like to see a John Smith at the top of he rankings, will this ever happen? Sure there are good players, but overall pretty lame. Why why why....whatsayyou???

    It seems to me you don't know what you're talking about in addition to being a tad bit racist, hopefully unintentionally. Is there a difference between native-born WASP Americans and native-born Jews, Asians, and Indians? If so, please describe it. 

    Lets see - Morphy, Paulsen, Showalter, Pillsbury, Marshall, Steinitz (a naturalized US citizen when he became the first official WCH), Evans, Reshevsky, Bisguier, Benko, Fischer, Fine, Kashdan, Christiansen, Browne, R Byrne, Denker, Nakamura, Kamsky, Alexander Onischuk (who is a member here BTW) etc etc. How many "American chess champions" (ie world-class players) past and present can you name? (BTW I know several GMs here aren't "native born" US citizens but they all played or play as US chess players now)

    BTW the USA has won 5 Gold Chess Olympic medals (1st place) 5 Silver (2nd Place) and 9 Bronze medals (3rd place) out of 43 Chess OLs to date: 19 medals out of 129 total.  Not bad for a nation that "sucks at chess" huh?

    Country rank by average rating of top 10 players   Average GMs IMs Total Titled 1 Russia 2746 216 500 2175 2 Ukraine 2702 80 197 493 3 China 2670 31 26 125 4 France 2663 47 94 356 5 Armenia 2663 34 25 95 6 Hungary 2661 52 108 420 7 United States of America2655 77 120 579

    The entire list has 134 nations, and 33 nations have less than ten "Total Titled" players  http://ratings.fide.com/topfed.phtml

       As NimzoRoy so thoroughly addressed; Americans obviously don't suck at chess.  But the question remains...why don't we dominate the way we do in many other activities.  As someone earlier mentioned, it's only a very trivial part of our culture.  It's a game people learn as children usually very casually from friends or family.  It's not a formal part of the educational system the way it is in other countries. (although it seems to be catching on and being implimented as part of the curriculum in some schools).  Here's my example growing up in the states... When my father taught me (age 8)...he had learned from another guy who had a rule or two confused.  I played a few games with him (my father) and a few games with my brother and didn't play again until high school.  We played checkers, various card games, monopoly, backgammen...chess was just one passtime amoung many.  I wasn't even aware that there were tournaments and professional players until age 14 or 15 years old. (this was pre-internet) Contrast this with growing up in a country where chess is a strong part of the culture, where it's in the educational system, where there are ample opportunities to play in tournaments and get good instruction.

       Another thing about America is we are notoriously lacking in vacation time.  The standard is zero to two weeks per year. (unlike our president who takes multiple vacations per year, 17 days long currently)  So with almost no vacation time, tournaments have to be organized for weekend play.  This has many negative consequences to the quality of play.  Two long games per day is the norm.  So imagine traveling a good distance to play.  Then you have to play two 5 or 6 hour games for 3 days.  Concentrating for 10 to 12 hours per day usually through normal mealtimes and often into the wee hours of the night must have a negative affect on play.

       That's my two cents.

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    That's a sucky 750 words+ two cents without paragraphs! :)

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    A political statement from one who is ill-informed and votes against his own economic self-interest. It is typically American, but it subtracts the currency in the conversation.

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    Can an average American vote in his own economic self-interest?

    Only if he "throws his vote away"?

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    Ziryab wrote:

    A political statement from one who is ill-informed and votes against his own economic self-interest. It is typically American, but it subtracts the currency in the conversation.

        I think you may have misconstrued that I vote republican, "against my economic self interest" as you put it because I dared to point out obama's vacations.  That's typical of many Americans who think in black and white and in dem. vs rep. or conservative vs libral terms.  For the record I'm well informed that that piece of trash bush jr took more vacation time than that piece of garbage obama.  I was merely pointing out that the politicians on the government payroll get ample vacation time while the majority of working class Americans, which is the majority of Americans get a modicum of vacation time if any at all.  I hate both the democratic party and the republican party with equal venom.  

       As for me being ill-informed. I've been in the USAF, the private sector, the local government, and been self employed.  I've seen with my own eyes (and wallet) who gets vacation time, who gets raises, benefits etc.  But if you don't want to take my word for it, here's a chart of average vacation time by country.  Notice USA is all the way to the right at ZERO. 

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    Perhaps. But, the real issue is what vacation means for the President. Does he find the time to play in a chess tournament, should he desire?

    The whole notion that POTUS takes too many vacations (whether he be Bush or Obama) strangely distracts from the amount of work that is performed during these holidays.

    Why do you suppose Americans get so few paid holidays and annual days off? 

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    White Americans can't win at anything that's fair!

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    We dont suck at chess were just not good at making good chess players-why? Because most of us learn the game from not good players, and come to believe either you have the smarts or don't. This a typical American belief on all things intellectual that its something you have or don't- its not true but our elites force inequality upon us while saying oh its all about choice. Not to mention almost half of our polity was willing to vote for Sarh Palin, its does not say much for the intellect here in the states- unless it makes money.

    It also did not help that our greatest exponnt of the game behaved like a meth addict after becoming world champion ( score yet another one for religion) Here in the states most good chess players come from the middle class and higher because the parents recognise the importance of a good coach of tournament play and can afford it

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    pete321 wrote:

    This a typical American belief on all things intellectual that its something you have or don't

    Most Americans regard intellect as a defect.


    The quality of arguments in some of the previous comments provides ample proof.


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