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And Yet MORE Silly Rules In Chess lol

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    A stranger is also a book I should never have read.

  • #122

    People are strange, when you're a stranger

  • #123

    Well at the same time we are not inviting everyone to our homes for Tea and Crumpets so we can be polite without any serious risks.

  • #124

    I thought that was "when you are stranger"...

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  • #126

    Yeah I know (I was being whimsical).

  • #127

    how strange

  • #128

    See, that's why you don't want to invite me anywhere.

  • #129

    your head doesn't fit in my car (Hyundai Accent)

  • #130

    Yes.  Never trust anybody whose head is his widest part.

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    By the way AndyClifton someone posted some photos in a thread yesterday and claimed that they were pictures of you. There was a family resemblance to your avatar. Surprised

  • #132

    I hope this isn't gonna be another paternity suit.

  • #133

    Unfortunately, every family seems to have one.

  • #134

    Life's tough enough having to wear this suit.

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    Thanks for the recent posts.

    I see that we now have a thread in the forums that considers Chess as therapy and also one that asks if Chess leads to insanity. It is interesting to speculate if Chess could be called therapy ( or perhaps Chess creates the need for therapy ? ). Several well known Chess players have been rather unstable and one could ask if they would also have been unstable without being involed in Chess ? Then again is it a coincidence that I have posted these questions in a thread that has the word " silly " in the title ? 

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    Which was the one about the aliens (or was that another thread)?

  • #137

    Why is there anger in stranger?

  • #138

    I suppose I understand why ranger would be there.

  • #139
    ElKitch wrote:

    Why is there anger in stranger?

    A better question:

    there's anger in danger, 

    But why no danger in strangers?

  • #140

    What's with the angler in strangler? How do you choke a fish?


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