Annoying game


A game I lost today, after 4 1/2 hours. My opponent had 15 sec left before timecontroll at move 40. I had 20 minuttes. I realy thought I had this one, but missed my chance at move 37. Then it was my turn to blunder, and the last one to blunder allways lose, as they say.


So what's the lesson? TAKE YOUR TIME!


padman wrote:

Don't beat yourself up, you'll be more vigilant next time. And overall it was a well played game.

Kind words. Thank you!


If he only had 15 sec by move 40, why didn't you play 50.Nf1, trying to run him out of time?


Yes, then after qxf8, Kh7, followed by ...Qxf2+, then Qxe1.  You could have run the clock down.


Unless it had time increment, of course.

I hope you didn't just thought it was a checkmate already.


He blundered in timepressure. When he pressed the clock at move 40, he had 15 sec left. Just in time in other words. My point is that I had forseen the move ...Nxe5, so I blitzed. I thought I would have a won game with to dangerous passed pawns. However, that was not the case, but my thoughts made me blind to the winning move Ng6 (after ...Nxe5) pining the knight to the king, winning a piece.


Oh, now I understand.

Each one had 2 hours for the first 40 moves, right?

Sorry, I don't play in oficial tournaments and didn't remember of this time control.