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Any strong team for a match?

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    Any group would like to challenge us (Team Yemen) for a 2 days/per move match?

    4 to 5 boards and our only requirement is to play against players rated 2000 and above.

    Our players ratings range (for now) from 1800 to 2040...we are still improving our rating as some of joined chess.com recently but we find it boring that we have no real challenge as we are winning against most of the teams we play with no loss so far.


    So any strong challengers out there?


    Oh and we assure you that we do not use chess engines or anything of that sort. Just fair play and we expect the same from our opponents.

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    None? that's kinda disappointing. I started to feel this site is for people below 2000 regardless of the few FMs and IMs here and there that do not really play that often.


    It's sad that groups mainly like to play over 100 boards just to top the match leaderboard

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    Try playing against filipinos here with ratings of 1800 to 1900. You might be surprised by their level of play. Of course not me im a 1400 but if interested you could play me.Wink

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    we have two FMs in our group. They need better players or they are not gonna last in this site that long. We want to play against teams not just individuals. Its what we loved about this site ... the chance to play as a team instead of individuals...but it seems we gonna get our asses back to ICC.


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