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Are Chess Players Less Prone To Being Scammed?

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    LongIslandMark wrote:

    Getting conned has more to do with your life history and how often you have been burnt. If you are a generally trusting and positive person, like me, you are perhaps more susceptible when you are younger.

    your comment mark has the unmistakeable ring of truth
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    Pssst. Want to buy a cheap car?

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    HolyFlame777 wrote:

    Bobby was not, i repeat NOT, mentally or emotionally unstable!

    Yes sir, he was.

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                      What the hell are you talking about in post 19 ??

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    once he realized and start telling the truth about certain people they have a way to demonize u : either they ruin your career your income your family and your overall life and if they cannot do that  (which is rarely)  they will smear and ruin your reputation.   Boby was hyper sensetive hypersmart and hyperaware at a level u cant conceive. he saw where the real threats were coming from not only on the board but in the real world.  as a result the cabal that he shed some light on with his bold words have gone on an extensive smear campaign after his death so that anyone coming across his comments will think they are just the rantings of a mad man when in reality thay are the gospel truth.

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                         Who the hell is going to listen to a member who put's down for occupation---Mobster??

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    Get lost aka furtive king

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    Bobby Fischer inspired generations to play boring chess. May god rest his soul. Wonderful times.

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    For goodness sake. Chess will never be dynamic. As chess goes he was State of the Art.


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