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Based on what basis the tournament creator can removed a player

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    Based on what basis? Why on earth I get removed? 

    And any place to lodge the unfair treeatment? 

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    did the tournament start yet? Maybe you got bumped off due to your rating as more people signed up for the tournament

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    Higher rating could b d reason

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    The link self explanatory

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    Did you do anything that could be considered a violation of the rules?  Did another player complain about you?  Normally, tournament organizers do not kick out players unless there is some perceived reason.  You should speak to the tournament organizer before complaining to chess.com.  Maybe it was an honest mistake?

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    When she created the tournament omitted indicate for invite only. That was not my mistake anyway

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    I have seen member closed their account immediately, perhaps due to the unnecessary mistake.

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    i could not find a way to add you back to the tournament, but since you were in first place, here is the trophy:

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    Sorry about the mistake, but congrats on getting first place! 

    Thanks tyger-2020.

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    ? a bug in the system ?


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