Beat Houdini 1.5 with a stronger Handicap


Try to beat Houdini 1.5 with a stronger handicap than the previous poster. If you've beaten Houdini, post your game here and then it's up to the community to beat it with a tougher handicap than you did. I will update a list in the openingpost when someone posted a win.

Rules of play:

Every move made by Houdini must have a depth of 19 or more. A tougher handicap can be accomplished by:
1) taking away less material from Houdini
2) playing with equal material, but starting with black
3) playing with equal material, but take away a less usefull piece
4) playing with equal material, but let Houdini run every move with a greater depth
5) playing with equal handicap but finishing it off in fewer moves.

1) Houdini - rook > Houdini - Queen
2) Houdini - Queen as black > Houdini - Queen as white
3) Houdini - a-pawn > Houdini - b-pawn 
4) Houdini - Queen (depth 21) > Houdini - Queen (depth 19) 
5) Houdini - Rook in 47 moves > Houdini - Rook in 62 moves 

Usefull downloads (both from the download pages of
- Get Houdini 1.5 here 
- User interface Arena that is needed to run Houdini

List of wins against Houdini: 

- Finalunpurez (white, depth 19, 87 moves): Knight   
- Elkitch (white, depth 19, 48 moves): Queen + f-pawn   
- Elkitch (white, depth 19, 70 moves): Queen + (queenside) Bisshop 



Slightly ashamed that it took me 3 times :) First one I blundered to much away and all of a sudden we where 0.00 again and in the second one I was mated suddenly. 

Depth 19, white, 48 moves


Win with a knight advantage :D


Good stuff finalunpurez.


That's going to be tough. I wont be trying. When I see -3.something I know its the beginning off the end of me :) Added you to the list.


THanks for Houdini Link

jrjulius2004 wrote:

THanks for Houdini Link

That download link is OK, but it's only the 32-bit version, and it's the slightly older version 1.5 to boot. If you use the official link on the Houdini site, you'll get version 1.5a, and you'll get both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. (Link just above the "Support" section.)