Becoming a chess master


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serdarreshad wrote:

however, my plan is to get as good as i can before competing in a tournament. that i believe would be more efficient.

For that you should at least learn to use the time which is used in a FIDE rated game (up to 6 hours for the whole game or three minutes for each move) and i think it is also very useful to look at a real board and move the pieces. Some players have problems to switch from 2D to 3D. Writing down the moves, pressing the clock, etc. is also a thing, which even most ELO 1000 players do more or less automatically. Then the athmosphere in a typical open tournament with many people in one room. 

Playing with a dgt board or (unrated) otb blitz or speed tournaments could maybe solve some of the issues. But i doubt that a pure online player could bring all his horse power to the chess board in his first otb tournament.

that's a very sensible advice. thanks a lot, mate!

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If you aren't a talented player then go become a doctor and not a chess player.  You'll make more money.


If you are talented failing to become a WCC contender or at least a GM is an insult to your work ethic.  

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Look at the latest unanswered threads, and you’ll see what I meanshock.png

Great. I think when the goal is decided that it is held to be within 2 years, make it more concrete. Have daily small targets & achieve them. Go through all the lessons here & review them again. Experiment them with your Live games & analyse every single game before moving forward. With patience & practice, you shall achieve.

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I think that u can do it, if u devote yourself to it