Ben Finegold can never lose


On Twitch GM Ben Finegold plays subs, unrated 5 minute. As a sub, I played him just now. My mistake was winning - after he played pretty poorly in the opening. Why was it a mistake? Because he then accused me of cheating and banned me from his channel.

Pretty pathetic behavior on his part. OTB my last rating is 1900; I haven't played "seriously" in some time and admittedly my rating is low (1650). But you can click my name and look up my game (at least I think so, let me know if not) and I find it hard to believe that it would take a master to beat him after the first 10 moves.

It's a shame as he's lost a subscriber and someone who thought he was worth watching. It's also a shame that his ego can't handle a loss even in informal games where he isn't playing well.

But since he is a GM and I am not, he wins in the court of public opinion. But I have never cheated at chess, never will.


Nothing about that game looks like cheating, and I don't just mean the quality of moves, I mean the times and types of moves. If he banned you that's really pathetic.


20.5 % accuracy for a GM is almost unheard of, even in a 5 minute game.  Guess he was just embarrassed and lashing out.  


You may have cheated.... but... okay, I am not sure now that I thought about it.....  but if you ever beat me again... I will cry even more!!!!!


Bruh a 70 percent accuracy and he says you’re cheating 


It is something like he never let his students go above him. I assume that if op is his subscriber then he must have got coaching from him. Pardon me if I offended someone.





@GMBenjaminFinegold got hacked by one of his kids 🤣🤣

Seriously though, I watch a lot of his games and I have never seen him use that much time in a blitz.
Poshganache we get a lot of cheaters on Ben's stream.  Seriously a lot of cheaters.  Every day, cheaters come on and no joke Ben gets angry and lashes out.

I don't think you cheated.    But let me put it this way.  In my 45 years of playing chess I have not ONCE been accused of cheating.  Not once!   I mean come on.  I have played a good game before.   Nope.  I've never played good enough to be called a cheater.

Congrats on the great game and be proud of your badge of honor.  It's not every day you get called a cheater.  Don't be mad.   I wish I could play a game that good.  I think Ben will come around and think you didn't cheat after all.  

So be proud of your game, don't be mad, and be nice to Ben please. 
GMBenjaminFinegold a écrit :

You may have cheated.... but... okay, I am not sure now that I thought about it.....  but if you ever beat me again... I will cry even more!!!!!

Wow, Ben on the forums!! Didn't know that. PS: I'm a big fan


I guess I could but it's writing on top of the other guy's posts.   Hax detected!


You can post it again


Cool of Finegold to have a sense of humor about it all thumbup.png

Steven-ODonoghue wrote:

If Ben doesn't reply to me I will cry like a grandmaster. 






Please don't create a link between the aggressive Finegold play syllable and the classic RAR! spam nonesense


It's all good, I overreacted too - his ego wasn't the only one bruised. And there aren't many GMs who would bother to reply. If interacting with patzers was an ELO rank, Finegold would be over 2800. Not sure if I should delete this thread (or even if I can), but I'll leave it with - watch GMBenjaminFinegold on Twitch!


Don't delete the thread.... Paehtz has been stealing my thunder the last couple of days... I need to get my hate mojo back.


GM Ben, 

How do people (GMs) usually react when they see your presence and you say,

"I'm GM Ben Finegold and you're not"?