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Best music to listen to when playing chess.

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    iv got the moves like jagger!!!!! 

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    all the right moves - one republic (lol) 

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    I actually listen to both of those songs :))
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    Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It 

    the song featured in the movie madagascar 

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    Lol :D I also like Coldplay songs
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    Always listen to drum n bass, always! Prepares me for battle lol :)

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    if you are playing chess on a friday , you can always listen to the song......... you know the song , by miss black.  yes correct that one.  

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    That's not my type of music lol
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    Drum n bass :)
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    ok now im serious , listen to Eye of the tiger - survivor.  

    you can also try 'final countdown' - europe  

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    Eye of the tiger is excellent. I don't like The final countdown much, but it's my brothers faprite :)
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    Final Fantasy Music. FF8 My Mind-FF7 Main Theme(orchestral version)-FF10-To Zanarkand-FF10 Truth Revealed. 

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    Modern Jazz, played softly, seems to stimulate my thought process. I like Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane and others of this genre. I should point out that I do this when thinking of my candidate moves in correspondence chess. When playing live chess, I prefer quiet.

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    I like music for blitz games/correspondence. Cant stand it for 1 hour games. I guess it's different for everyone
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    Not Afraid wearing earphones while playing bullet chess:

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    Awesome, pawnpusher, you have my taste of music :)

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    For some reason, whenever I play in tournaments, songs play in my head continously. I try not to do it, but inevitably it happens.

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