Best Software for Making Instructional Videos?


hey there

Me and a friend want to make some videos to teach kids drills. We know how to make the videos, but the chess software we are using (chessbase11) does not let us set up positions such as having only one pawn on the board or only one king on the board, etc. No illegal moves are possible either.


-we would love to have a program that would let us drag a piece on the spot (on chess base, you have to set-up the position, and then CLICK OK, AND THEN it sets it up for you..) this would be good for draggin a piece on the board on REAL TIME (for instructional video purposes).

-we would love for this program to be able to color squares (many colors), draw arrows (the "L" shape knight arrow included)... and have some sort of key you push to delete all arrows, colors...

-this program should not have the annoying feature that chessbase has that asks you "would you like to overwrite the current line?"

-this program should allow you to make illegal moves... 

i guess you guys get the point.

this is for teaching purposes only... just to make a few videos... i wonder if you guys can recommend a program like this... 

oh, the program HAS to look good... like chessbase hehehe...


oh well.


if you guys know of software like this... let me know please!




i just started making videos about 1-2 months ago, and the best program i've found is Blitzin.  The down-side is that you will need to register for an ICC account to use the software (you can sign up for a week trial for free, then i think it costs about $60 dollars a year, but really not sure about the price).  also, i like to use a free recording software called CAM Studio (it also has a decent, free compressor you can download - CAM Studio Codec).  You can check out some examples of how i've been using the software.  we have a bunch of free videos posted on the blog section. As far as editing, i think Mac's are the best computers to use for the video editing, but not 100% on this.


hello. i have been meaning to respond to you. thanks a lot! i will try out that video software and yes, after doing lots of research, i came to the conclusion that blitzin is the best software to do this. i checked out your page! looks pretty cool! i will be checking it from time to time. thanks for the post. it helped a lot!


is their any free program


This is a youtube that shows how to create a chess video.


heyd  hare are  alj cxheers




Wish I knew what GM Yasser Seirawan uses for his St Louis Chess Club videos. Not to make instructional videos, but it looks so handy trying different positions/lines.