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Big Bang Board Games (chess) + webcam

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    Does anyone else have a new-ish apple computer? If so it comes with a built in webcam and Big Bang Board Games installed on it from the factory.  Its a pretty cool app.. its connected to itunes and ichat, so you can listen to music and challenge your friends to a game. Then it uses the isight webcam so you can see your oppenent sitting across the table.

    I just discovered this but none of my friends have macs, and I really want to try it out.  I am not trying to lure anyone away from chess.com.. I will always have at least a game or two going on here, but Id like to test out this Big Bang buisness.

    Anyone interested?

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    Sounds cool, post some screenshots. Smile

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    I have a new mac, I don't know how to use the webcam though

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    davidcarlson wrote:

    I have a new mac, I don't know how to use the webcam though

    Its real easy.  It comes with iChat.. its in the applications folder. Open that up and set up an account. If you message me here Ill give you my iChat screenname and show you how to use your webcam.. from mac to mac it is very easy and cool! Check to see if you have Big Bang Board Games in your applicatios folder as well.. I still havnt found anyone to play.  Heres some screen shots I pulled off the devolpers web site, freeverse.com. Looks like they are trying to charge money for it, but it came with my Intel iMac I got about 2 years ago.

    Looks fun, right? Lets play a game!

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    Still havnt found a game yet.. not ready to give up on ths one!

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    ...bumpin' like bumper cars...

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    bump it!

    The famous Obama fist bump!

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    I have a last refresh (not the latest) iMac but not this application, will have to look for it and download...

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    3 years later..


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